KarZah Services


KarZah, Advanced Materials Trading Co. Ltd. provides several technical and commercial services to its clients. These services range from the procurement and supply of high-quality materials from the local and international markets to other technical services and consultation assistance related to the supply chain. Accordingly, our company provides the following services:


Delivery & Installation

Delivery and installation services are one of KarZah Services that KarZah provides all over the kingdom and, in some cases, to other GCC's. KarZah trains experienced technicians to execute installation services related to company products. All the above has strengthened customers' confidence in execution time frame compliance and in the quality of work we deliver.

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Private Importation of Materials

KarZah has recently introduced the Private Importation of Materials service, which is one of the important services our clients need. We tailored this service for projects and organizations that require special materials not available in the local market.

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Consultancy, Supervision & Material Listing

Thanks to the gained experience in business, KarZah has created the division that handles consultancy, supervision and material listing services. Among other KarZah Services, this is one of the essential services that we provide to our clients.

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Interior & Exterior Design

KarZah provides its clients with a variety of interior & exterior design services. Among other KarZah Services, our head office and showrooms are the base to meet and discuss the work required.

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Tests & Technical Inspection

The tests and technical inspection service is one of KarZah Services that we provide to a specific cluster of our clients. Our clients sometimes need official conformity reports or compliance certificates for the materials or services they purchase.

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