Wet Area Perforated Flooring

Wet Area Perforated Flooring Group


In Wet Area Perforated Flooring Group, KarZah, Advanced Materials, offers an efficient flooring solution for damp and wet areas. These floors consist of tiles from PVC or PP (Polypropylene) with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal growth materials. These tiles move away from touching the ground with lower protrusions from the same body of the tile, lifting them off the ground several millimeters. Moreover, they also contain holes that allow water to flow through and drain into the drainage system.


Wet Area Perforated Flooring Tiles

Wet Area Perforated Flooring Tiles     Wet Area Perforated Flooring Tiles


The upper side of these floors forms a new surface that moves away from the wet ground. It allows people to walk on it safely, without the risk of slipping. Besides, this type of floor material does not allow the formation of bacteria and fungi that are usually present in non-dry areas. This floor is suitable for wet or damp areas such as swimming pools, children’s water parks, playgrounds,  and car washes.






Commercial Names of Wet Area Perforated Flooring


Swimming Pool Perforated Flooring


Swimming Pool Perforated Flooring      Swimming Pool Perforated Flooring


  • A wet area or damp area flooring
  • Polyvinyl Chloride PVC tiles
  • Swimming pool tiles
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Perforated tiles






Wet Area Perforated Flooring Types

In terms of the final product, there are two types of flooring:

Flooring Tiles


Wet Area Perforated Flooring Tiles     


These tiles come either soft and flexible, bend easily, or hard and stiff. Each one has its own applications.



Flooring Rolls


Wet Area Perforated Flooring Rolls     Wet Area Perforated Flooring Rolls


These rolls come in flexible shape and allow easy installation for a wide range of applications.






Applications of Wet Area Perforated Flooring

There are several uses of this type of flooring:


Car Was Perforated Flooring     Car Was Perforated Flooring


Swimming Pool Perforated Flooring 003    Sauna Health Club Perforated Flooring     Bathroom Perforated Flooring


  • Flooring for car washes, car detailing shops, car care/waxing, and car showrooms
  • Restroom and Wudu (ablution) area flooring
  • Areas around swimming pools
  • Children’s water parks and water playgrounds
  • Sauna room flooring
  • Kitchen flooring






Features of Wet Area Perforated Flooring


Wet Area Perforated Flooring Installation


Wet Area Perforated Flooring Installation     Wet Area Perforated Flooring Installation


  • Due to the holes in the flooring, they work on aerating the floor underneath and prevents water pooling so that it’s safe and healthy.
  • Anti-slip characteristic since it does not allow water in these areas
  • Ultraviolet UV resistant
  • Easy to install, reinstall, and cut
  • We do not need special tools or equipment to lay down the flooring like glue.
  • We only need a measuring tape and a cutting instrument like scissors
  • It gives a beautiful look where installed
  • Easy to clean using water and soap
  • It has many color variations, so it satisfies any taste.