Foam Decoration

Foam Decoration


KarZah, Advanced Materials offers the Foam Decorations group as one of the modern alternatives to gypsum decorations (Futec). Initially, foam decoration is a white foamy chemical that we can form in whatever shape we like. This gypsum alternative is made of polyurethane with the addition of sand and glass powder. Then, the mixture is molded into a wide range of designs, and then it undergoes pressure and heat. Finally, the material stays in the molds to dry and take its final shape. On the positive side, this product is environmentally friendly.


Foam Decoration


We use foam decorations as a substitute for Arabic gypsum decorations known as Moroccan gypsum. Its popularity stems from the cleanliness and ease during installation, unlike the installation of traditional gypsum.






Shapes of Foam Decoration (Gypsum Alternative)

This group comes in the following shapes:

  • Frames
  • Wall Belt (Dado)
  • Medallion
  • Frame Corner
  • Columns
  • Corbels or Consoles
  • Wall Skirting
  • Ceiling Geometrical Shapes
  • 3D Wall Tiles


Foam Decoration Wall and Ceiling Frames     Polyurethane Foam Decoration Wall Belt


Foam Decoration Medallion    Foam Decoration Columns     Foam Decoration Medallion


We can install it on room walls and ceilings. Moreover, it is noteworthy to know that foam decoration is suitable for all residential, commercial, and governmental sectors.





Features of Foam Decoration (Gypsum Alternative)

This group has the following features:


Polyurethane Foam Decoration Catalogue Gypsum Alternative     Polyurethane Foam Decoration Catalogue Gypsum Alternative    Polyurethane Foam Decoration Catalogue Gypsum Alternative


  • Simple installation that does not need emptying the space
  • Easy to install on all types of surfaces
  • Clean installation
  • Smooth surface without the need for sandpapering
  • It gives a beautiful and distinct aesthetic look
  • Accept all types of paint
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to insects, bacteria, and fungi
  • Resistant to water and moisture
  • Easy to remove and replace





Maintenance of Foam Decoration (Gypsum Alternative)

This group does not require regular maintenance. We can replace the damaged parts with new ones quickly. We cut the piece to the required size with a knife or cutter. Then, we can install it with ordinary silicon.


Polyurethane Foam Decoration     Polyurethane Foam Decoration


We can install foam shapes on walls and ceilings after the completion of the putty and paint stage. Due to its smooth surface, it does not need sandpapering after installation. With regards to paints, it is flexible; it can accept any paint. Nevertheless, many people like to leave without painting, with its natural white color.