Semi-Solid Wood Flooring

Semi-Solid Wood Flooring Group


The group of semi-solid wood flooring (semi-solid parquet) is one of the high-quality wood floors KarZah, Advanced Materials offers. Thanks to the natural top layer this type of floor possesses, it provides the authentic, beautiful look of wood grains. Additionally, it has high durability of solid wood. Last but not least, this group has a very reasonable price compared to all the useful properties it possesses. Due to its looks and characteristics, people like to install semi-solid parquet in prestigious residential and commercial buildings.





ِComposition of Semi-Solid Wood Flooring

Semi-solid parquet flooring consists of the following components:


Components of Semi-Solid Parquet

Each plank consists of two connected layers glued together and placed under high-pressure:


Upper Layer

A 4 mm thick layer of solid natural wood that can come from different wood sources.


Lower Layer

A layer composed of laminated wood, or plywood having a thickness between 6-12 mm.



Sizes and Colors

Semi-solid parquet comes in different sizes and colors:


      • Width between 80-100 mm.
      • The length between 400-2200 mm.
      • The thickness between 12-16 mm.
      • Patterns and shades come in a variety of collections based on the tree, from which the top layer comes.





Semi-Solid Parquet Systems, Accessories and Tools

We install semi-solid parquet using wood adhesion glue. We can install some types using the interlocking click-system when available. The click-system is a system that allows the ends of the planks to join together and form a coherent unit. Besides the parquet itself, the semi-solid parquet system contains the following items:



Skirting can be either from the same parquet materials or from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). MDF skirting can have the same parquet color and pattern but less expensive than the first type. Skirting has a 15 mm thickness and a height between 7-9 cm. It comes in 240 cm long.


F-Shaped Floor End

F-shaped floor end is a type of accessories that we install between parquet and the floor underneath, where installed parquet finishes in walking areas.



T-Shaped cover

The T-shaped cover is a type of accessories that we fit between two different parquet areas, two colors, two rooms, or below room doors.



Small Angle

We use small angles at parquet edges, where there are no walls to install the skirting on. They are installed in areas like balcony aluminum doors or near the edges of glass panes and storefronts.



Stair Nose

We use this type of accessories at step edges to provide plank protection.





Features of Semi-Solid Wood Flooring

Semi-solid parquet has so many highly regarded features, like:


  • Easy cleaning
  • Color does not fade
  • Heat insulator
  • Shock absorbent
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Cigarette ash resistant
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • We can dismantle it and reinstall it more than once
  • It can be fixed without needing to remove it.





Points to Consider During Purchasing & Installation

  • Check that the wear and tear layer (parquet protective layer) thickness is suitable for the area you intend to install the parquet in.
  • For best results, the floor beneath the HDF parquet should be tiles or a flat concrete surface. Therefore, you need to inspect your floor before setting an installation appointment.
  • Install the parquet using a special wood glue that allows strong bonds and prevents floor gaps; this is in addition to parquet click-system.
  • We can install the semi-solid wood flooring directly on the floor or on a wood grid that we fit underneath it.